About Us

       About Green Brew:

We at Green Brew are as “Green Lover” (Eco-friendly) as one can be. Be it environment or health or other aspects of life or styles. We , in an era of adulterated / synthetic / chemically processed products, strive to bring to you fresh, natural and organic products  preserving the essence for the Tea Lovers, brew lovers, whether drinking for heath benefits or as refreshing drink for energy. 

We bring you the best connoisseur Teas  from around the world. Our background in Tea community is more than 30 years old when my father, Gold Medalist in Agricultural studies started tea business in Darjeeling District [India] . Through his guidance, knowledge  & expert advice about tea, we bring to you the best among the regional teas.

We have premium quality teas from Darjeeling  and  Assam  along with Herbal, Flavoured and Matcha teas from China & Japan. We are sure you will relish  & cherish our teas with their superior flavour, aroma & taste  produced, packed  under strict quality control and checks at every stage of making them. 

Besides all, please enjoy our exquisite collection offered at Green Brew!