Where does our Tea come from?

Our Teas are exclusively produced in India, China & Japan.

What makes Green Brew Special? 

Green Brew is a connoisseur of fine Tea’s. We have our own blending requirement as per our taste, knowledge & quality making it unique product in market unlike regular Teas. Our in-depth knowledge about the locality, environment, cultivation method, soil fertility management, are exclusive therefore making our choices to the best development of the Plant.  “Healthy plant makes healthy Tea.”

What is Blend & Non-Blend Tea (Single Estate) ?

Tea Blending is a process of mixing different Teas to get a final product. This is generally done with Black Teas. The Teas of different regions are mixed together to enhance the flavor, aroma and taste. Our premium blend ‘English Breakfast Tea’ is one of the examples.

Single Estate tea comes from one Tea Garden and are unblended. Our Single Estate Teas are most exquisite, we observe best environment for tea plantation, processing techniques, to retain its original flavors and characteristics. ‘Darjeeling Royal’ is an perfect example of Single Estate Tea.

How long the Tea bag should be dipped into the hot water?

Different kind of Tea’s require different amount of time. It should also be noted the People have different choices and taste, some like it strong and some like mild or light. Thus the time frame will differ person to person. In general the following chart should help you understand better.






Water temperature






Steep time  



5min +

5min +



(As per personal taste)


Sugar or


honey Or


honey Or



nothing is


honey or


What is the Quantity of Tea in Tea Bags?

In general practice tea bags contains 1.5 to 2.5 gram of Tea, depending upon Tea quality and type.

Why do I need to create an account?

Having an account with us benefits you to check-out faster, enhanced security, review past orders, get benefits on regular purchases, priority shipment and Prompt customer service. 

How do I change password of my account?

-      Simply log in to your account, go to you profile settings and there you will find “Change Password”.

How do I track my order?

       After placing an Order, you will automatically receive tracking details on your email.   The other way to track order is to simple click on the “Track Order” link on our website and fill in the details. 

What is the Expiry date of Tea?

Tea should be stored in a cool dry place, avoiding moisture, it will last a long. A Tea mixed with foreign elements which has an expiry period, can be considered having an expiry date of Tea.  

Tea doesn’t really expire. It does loose its fragrance and aroma in due course of time. The best is to consume within 24 months of your purchase. At our store, we don’t keep stock of Old Teas (except Puer Tea). Our production comes from specific places with our specific conditions, so the Teas which you buy here are exclusive and freshly packed. 

How do you Ship & how do you calculate Shipping Fees: 

We use Aramex as our international shipping partner.  Our shipping fee is fixed to a minimum amount, hence we urge buyers to avail more which in turn reduce the ratio of expense on tea. We are strategically located so, our prices are more competitive enabling us to provide even better quality then your local vendor or E-Tailer. 

For Local Shipments, we use SF Express, HK Post whichever is cheaper to that particular delivery location.

(PS: We don’t provide delivery to PO BOX)

What type of Tea do you sell?

Authentic Teas can be classified as green tea / black tea / white tea / oolong.  We have all these premium selection. All of them has different Aroma & Taste.

It is the process that classify the Tea type. Tea added with foreign elements like flower, Flavor or Herbs are also popular and has its own qualities & benefits. Check our types of Tea ‘Here’

What amount of Calories does Tea has?

-          No. Tea alone does not contain any calories, Or is negligible.

Does tea contain gluten, Salt, Fat and Carbohydrate?

All of our teas are 100% Gluten free. There is no sodium (salt), fat or carbohydrates

in tea, unless otherwise  state in Package,  and is not under negligible classification.

Does Tea Production involves using Pesticides or Chemicals?

Our Tea comes from Selected Tea Gardens & Factories that explicitly comply with International Certification bodies like; ISO, USDA, HACCP etc.  We work with Organization that follow such International Standards and observe these as our basic requirement. At Green Brew, we strictly prohibit substandard products.