Social Responsibility

We live in a era where right education, manner, ethics, responsibility are a basic fundamental requirement of a civil society. We fully understand and comply with the standards of 21st Century. As a part of our work culture, we only work with like minded companies and individuals who are and already has a basic rule of maintaining social responsibility. 

Our social responsibility ensures that our offerings are from ethical source, produced under observance of healthy & happy work force. Thus if we are selling something to you over the store here, we guarantee that it has been produced or made in a positive environment, giving you a positive feeling.  

Our Social Responsibility doesn't end here. We have established rule that each year after our accounting, we organize funds or in Kind  to donate  at the old age homes, mentally & specially challenged  rehabs, and even at audited ngo's.  We make sure that our environments stay healthy and positive.  

We fully believe a healthy & positive civil society will bring even better future generations.