The product is very nicely and securely packed. The Greenbrew Darjeeling Tea has a nice aroma, good taste, with a nice tempered flavour. For best result, don't boil it in water rather put it in hot boiled water, leave it for around 7 to 8 minutes and have it without adding milk. I am very particular about my tea (like many of you) and want it brewed a certain way, and want the color of my tea perfect and this tea really fared quite well. I've tried many brands for the perfect cup of tea and I must say Greenbrew Darjeeling tea has really impressed me and i plan to order more.

- Bob van. Netherlands,

Very good quality All-rounder tea at reasonable price. All-rounder in terms of liquor, aroma and taste. If you are a milk tea lover then this is not for you, go with normal dust ones. However if you drink tea for the fragrance then you are in the right place. My search ends here. Thanks to Greenbrew.

- Eric Wong, Hong Kong

I tried the 14 days Slimming Detox Tea by Greenbrew and I lost 2 kgs! I can't thank you guys enough for providing such a genuine product that actually helps me lose weight and making me feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. I have just placed an order for the 28 days Slimming Detox Tea and will continue placing orders because I just love it. Thanks again!

- Terry Reynolds, NJ, USA

While most slimming teas do not taste very appealing, this tea actually tastes really good. I have not yet experienced any kind of side effects from drinking this tea. It seems to help with appetite suppression and the feeling of bloating. I have lost a little weight although I don't drink it regularly (only 1x a day Mon-Fri). What's great is I haven't altered my diet yet I'm not gaining weight, so that's encouraging. It's important to note that it tastes almost like regular tea otherwise if it had a weird or funky taste I'd never get it down. The company is caring and responsive and I will surely order tea from them again. It's a win-win!

- Michael Mergentime , LA, USA

Greenbrew's Silver Needle tea is a light, subtle and gently-perfumed drink with a distinct jasmine flavour. I really enjoyed the tea and it was one of the finest and most authentic silver tip tea I have even tasted. The aroma is like melon-like and the raw taste can only be described as exquisite. It is Highly recommended that you try it.

- Kenneth Houkjær, Denmark

As a connoisseur of food, Greenbrew's flavourful blooming tea with strawberry flavour is a work of art. I absolutely love the taste and a treat to show all my friends how the flower blooms inside the cup. I have ordered other flavours of flowering tea and I'm dying to try out all the offerings by Greenbrew. Keep up the work guys, you have got yourself a loyal customer.