Here's what's in it for you when you choose Green Brew:

Experienced members with Tea background and expertise.

Wide range of teas from our exquisite collection to suit your needs.

High quality packing that ensures the taste, aroma and flavor remains intact.

We use only Food Grade Packaging with Aluminum foil heat sealed. Other Packaging options available. Multiple pack sizes of 100gms, 250gms & 500 gms for all your retail needs.

No need to invest in storage and stocking, order when you need.

Assured to get best, we have zero tolerance for Sub-Standard Products.

Custom blends to suit your taste and budget, you just need to get in touch with us to make your own blend.

We are Online! Browse and order all our products online hassle free and easy payment option whenever you need more stock.

Cannot reach us Online? Don’t worry, you can request call back or call us to place an order.

International or Local, shipping and delivery is never a problem for us.

Customer Service

Own a Tea Shop, Café or a Restaurants?

Trust us as your reliable partner and supplier. You need not worry about your supply chain, we are here to provide you desired quality and consistently, fresh produce and blend. We can fulfill your tea needs and ensure that you get the best results and appreciation. We have a wide variety of Tea’s that you can choose and Include.

Tea for Hotels

With Our exclusive hotel menu, we will be glad to introduce our regular and premium collection to your Hotel. We make no compromise when it comes to delighting the end user or our customers through our Tea.


Healthy employees brings healthy work atmosphere. And there is nothing better than a healthy, refreshing cup of tea to recharge the energy levels of your employees and remain productive throughout the day! Well that’s not enough, we have special Tea’s for your special clients. You can either use it as a gift or offer them when they came for a business meet.

Corporate Gifting

Occasional day, Seasonal gifting are one of the most important days for a company. They are considerably remembered for a long time. With our corporate gifting package, be delighted to offer your partners, colleagues, client, any important person or organization that best Tea collection. Our elegantly designed and sophisticated packages with carefully selected premium teas will make your gifting stylish and memorable. We will be happy to customize as per your requirements.